What you need to know about DMV Hearings


Delivery of relevant evidence and testimony surrounding the arrest allowed by administrative proceeding to the driver brings out clearly what is DMV Hearing hence a DMV is not a criminal procedure so it doesn’t establish guilt or innocence. Discretionary action against a person’s driving privilege in circumstance which the DMV orders that before a person is departed to contest of the action and give a review of the supporting evidence the person is given a right of hearing first.

The DMV is requested within ten days to receive a notice against the drive privilege actions hence the hearing are conducted by telephone, tape recorded or in person.

A driver safety hearing officer of that department must be notified to avail because the hearing must be conducted when he/she is present.

During the dmv hearings, the driver is allowed and has an opportunity to review and evidence challenge of the department after be informed of legal grounds for the action and presentation of evidence, witness if there is any and testimonies that will persuade the department for modification or rescinding the action. The vehicle code, government code and in various appellate and Supreme Court ruling is where the rules that’s controls the hearing.

The driver has a right in DMV administrative hearing to be represented by dmv attorneysor any other representative at his own expenses. You have a right to cross examine the testimony of any witness of that department or review of your evidence. The driver has a right to testify on his or her own behalf or presenting evidence and witness that he or she has on his or her own.

In DMV administrative hearing you also have a right to be provided with a decision in writing and also you should have a right to the department in order to conduct an administrative review decision made. In case you don’t avail yourself in the hearing and you have requested, the department will proceed with the case against you. Check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lawyer to learn more about lawyers.

Location of hearing is available and accessible to persons with disabilities and checking with the department accessibility in advance for assurance. Arrangement will be made if you contact the department in advance if you know the person to attend the hearing has special needs that has a reasonable accommodation. In DMV administrative hearing, driver’s rights are well considering with no considerations conducted on siding with anybody hence justice is a key word.


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